Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Truths

1. A broom handle makes a pretty good tool for transporting a snake from indoors to outdoors.

2. A cold lizard is easier to catch than a warm lizard.


ScienceGeek said...

Very interesting!

We've actually had 2 snakes in our house (our prior house...not the one we currently live in). One was in our wreath on our front door. As my Mom was standing inside the door with it slightly ajar, I saw something above her head over the door. I assumed it was the wreath hanger. But it was a rat snake trying to get inside. Joel took care of that one.

The first time a snake got inside was when we moved in to our last house. I found the snake inside the washing machine when I was about to put the wet clothes in the dryer. I saw something on top of the clothes that looked like weather stripping...then I noticed it had eyes and a face. I screamed, slammed the door shut, got my baby (JD) and the phone and hopped onto my high bed and called 911. 911 said it wasn't an emergency to have a snake in my washing machine (oh, really?). They put me in touch with a professional "snake wrangler", who came and got the snake out of my washer. SHE was a homeschooling Mom that wrangled snakes on the side. She put the snake in a canvas bag, and since it wasn't venomness, she handed it to her 5 year old (!). That was my first exposure to homeschooling.

K-Sue said...

What a great story!

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