Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Daily Bible in Chronological Order

Around 1990, our Pastor encouraged our whole church (in the Atlanta area) to read through the Bible in a year, using the Daily Bible in Chronological Order. We ordered boxes of pink paperback Bibles, and at least a hundred of us embarked on the journey. More recent printings are no longer covered in pink (why'd they ever choose pink?).

This version of the Bible divides the scriptures into 365 daily readings in chronological order. So the Psalms originally penned by King David are interspersed throughout I and II Samuel. The prophetical books are mixed into the historical books so the prophesies are read in the context of when they were first given. The epistles, or letters, are inserted into Acts.

Reading the Bible in this manner continues to give me fresh perspectives on scripture. I often use this Bible for devotional reading, usually reading whatever is the segment for this date. This year, Earthgirl and I have been using this Bible for our Homeschool Bible-reading time. I recommend having a chronological version of the scriptures on your personal bookshelf. I am so thankful for that challenge two decades ago.

On a practical note, it is not a great idea to tote this version to church to use during services. Finding anything after about February 13, when Numbers and Deuteronomy start mixing it up, requires a time-consuming trip to the index.

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Anonymous said...

We have 2 chronological Bibles at home, one for adults and one written for kids. We enjoy them a lot (especially the one for kids, which we read at night). I love how the gospels are presented in chronological order.

In our Sunday school class, we are studying Isaiah. When we read about a prophecy, we then look in Kings or Chronicles to find the historical event that the prophecy fortold. It can get very confusing. That's when I long for my chronological Bible to put it all in context.

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