Friday, November 13, 2009

The 17th Project

No pictures! 

Peg and I  joked a few weeks back about the fact that I start 14 projects and have them all going on at the same time.  She on the other hand, starts one or maybe 2 projects, completes them, puts away her project materials, and turns back to greet you from the door of her clean and beautiful home.  Sigh. 

Just an aside - I don't usually use friends' and families' names on my blogs, but since her name already appeared on Science Geek's blog, and she keeps a pretty low profile on the internet, I take the liberty.

I just picked the number 14 out of the air, but then I started counting up, and sure enough, there were 14 projects in some stage of workin' on it.

Don't believe me?  Projects 1-3 involve closets; Projects 4-6 involve fabric and quilt batting;  Projects 7-9 involve more fabric and new patterns; Project 10 involves making a beautiful $3 skirt fit my skinny little daughter, Projects 11-12 involve American Girl dolls and fabric;  Projects 13-14 involve Modge Podge and beautiful paper.

Since then, each time we mention something, we pipe up - "Project 15!"  "Project 16!"  (Both those involve yarn)

Well, Monday during Mini-co-op Science she showed me - Project 17.  Nope, can't tell you what they are; can't show you what they are. No pictures, because she is giving some to friends at Christmastime.  Now I am, too - Project 17 was just too cute, simple, and fun - I had to make a few!  I left Peg saying, "I shouldn't have told you."  (I'm sure she is just teasing.)  So I'll be making some for family and friends, but NONE for mutual friends : )

No pictures! 

OK, maybe just one picture:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having way too much fun! Can't wait to see some of these things. Hope you have a great Sunday.

crispy said...

You crack me up. I love that you do projects.

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