Saturday, July 31, 2010

Greeting at Our Front Door

Warning!  Creepy crawly pictures follow.

Do you see her?  She has chosen an unfortunate place to build her home.  Each time we open and close the door, her home shakes.  And when we open the door inward, she is hanging over our entry rug, which gives some of us the willies.

She's beautiful, and she made a pretty zipper for her home (see it, under her right front legs?), and we appreciate that she is grabbing bugs that want to crawl and fly in,  but she simply cannot stay there.

I think she is Argiope aurantia. I understand these spiders are not particularly venomous to humans - they seldom bite, and their short fangs may not even pierce skin.  Their venom is weak enough to not be a cause of concern.  Mostly they just sit in their pretty webs waiting for a hapless bug to fly by.  These are about the only spiders I can look at without getting the heebie-jeebies.

Our friendly front-door spider has been relocated.


Val said...

Hi .... Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture of God's amazing creation, just contemplating and observing a spider is a very rewarding thing to do. They are so intricate and so creative that it just makes me to be in awe of God all over again. Thank you!
Have a lovely day,

Kindra said...

Oh my, that would of scared me! It's pattern is pretty...but from a distance. LOL

I hope you enjoy Sarah's Key. It is very moving.

You have a beautiful family, I really enjoyed looking through your pics and posts!

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