Friday, December 3, 2010

Holidays Will Never Be the Same

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving trip up to south Georgia.  We enjoyed spending some time with my parents, feasting, and visiting a bit with other relatives.  Then we traveled home safely on Saturday afternoon.

Our route took us through Thomasville, Georgia on U.S 19.  As we approached Thomasville, we began to notice people spread out along the northbound lanes.  They were all looking south.  We speculated about what they were waiting for.  Maybe we'll see their Christmas parade...but no, a Christmas parade wouldn't come this far out of town.  We noticed they were all holding flags, some small, some large.  I said, "I think this might be for a soldier."

When we stopped at an intersection, my husband rolled down the window and asked a lady waiting in the median with her flag.  Yes, a local young man had died in Afghanistan, and the community was honoring his service and supporting his family, waiting for the funeral procession to arrive.  She was gratified to hear that people were waiting at every intersection for the next 2 miles.

I have thought often and prayed often for the family of Army Specialist Shannon Chihuahua since then.  A combat medic, he put himself in danger to help wounded comrades. Brave. Dedicated. Selfless.

Now as these holidays approach, I pray for his family.  This will be their first Christmas without him.  Lord, please pull them close to your heart.


ScienceGeek said...

Wow. That is something you all will never forget witnessing.

Mildred said...

That is so tragic. It really makes us stop and think how blessed we are and that so many have given their all for our Country. God bless his family.

Anonymous said...
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Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Oh, K! We had one of those a couple of years ago here in town. His funeral was just a few miles from us. I can't imagine going through what they are going through right now. B.

amy said...

So very sad. Many prayers for his family.

Val said...

My dear sister in Christ, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your message this morning. I am so pleased for I had "lost" your address some time ago but now I know where to find you again I am pleased. This posting has brought me to tears. Apparently somewhere in the area I live now it is the route where our soldiers killed in action are brought home, and the streets are lined with British Legion men and families and local people. I don't know just where the route is. These young men and women are so brave and selfless and their families too.
We owe them a priceless debt. May the Lord comfort them in their time of such great need and may we not forget them.
In our country we have SASRA which is an evangelical ministry to the armed forces and has Readers who seek to share the gospel in the barracks and on the field. The Reader must have been himself a soldier and so knows the fears and the needs - they seek to draw alongside but also to present the gospel truthfully and faithfully.
It has been good to "see" you again,
God bless,
Cal xx Oxfordshire UK

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