Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here is some of that wall art I was talking about

Making TP roll art is addictive!  

I cut and glued this little piece together in about 15 minutes during the tornado warnings last week.

Spray paint with a little "Hammered" and clear coat, and we are ready to hang.

Pretty good little doodad, huh?

I picked this little metal and canvas piece at Hobby Lobby's 90%-off section. The frame was scratched up.  The sentiment was OK (not my fave...), but the green giraffe-skin background was probably the whole reason it never went home with anyone.

I used a brown acid-free marker to fix the metal frame, painted the canvas black, stencilled on my own sentiment, rubbed a little brown over it to age it, sprayed the canvas part with acrylic clear coat, and hung it up.

 -and you can see the faux metal doodad through the open door.


Anonymous said...

Love them both. How very creative you are. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cool! What cracks me up is that another friend of mine did the toilet paper roll art this week! She got the idea from my FB post. She did it on a huge scale though, as part of her tent for the Relay for Life. I'm hoping she'll post pix on FB. It just was funny that 2 of my friends decided to do this during the same week.

Lauren @ 31diy said...

Your TP art looks so cool!

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