Monday, May 30, 2011


The lack of ability to comment on many blogs is making me batty.  I wonder if maybe blog friends have tried to comment to me and been rebuffed.   I feel like a big ol' wet blanket had been tossed over the party.

So here is another peaceful beach picture to make things better - not that I expect any comments on it.  My expectations are lowered considerably.

Originally I planned to attach the straps on the ruffly skirt dress to the back, too, since it would hold the back up better.  We decided to leave it halter tied for this wedding, then do the tedious adjustments to get the straps just right after we came home.  but now I like the flowy scarf look of the chiffon hanging down her back, so I think we will leave then as is.

And I loved her cousin's dress  - almost a 50's look, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful dresses and I love this photo. If you go into settings and change your comment form to pop-up, folks won't have as much trouble commenting (I think!)
Enjoy the day. Mildred Nalley

Mildred said...

Just checking in - the pop-up is working great! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday.

K-Sue said...

Mildred, it seems to help, though I don't know why. Lately I have just had issues with Google and Blogger.

suzitee said...

I've had exactly the same problems lately! Unable to leave comments on my favourite blogs...and it's driving me crazy!

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