Friday, July 8, 2011

Sew Helpful

Amended to add:  Cynthia's invisible zipper tutorial looks great - I think I will try this method next time.  Thanks to Jennifer from Sewplicity for recommending it!

Sew4Home has a great post:  You Asked For It  -  a long list of detailed sewing basics.  I'll look at their invisible zipper tutorial later this evening before I attempt my second-ever invisible zipper installation.  I have never thought of using an invisible zipper on a pillow, but what a cool idea.

And look at this post about sewing an invisible zipper with a facing from Colette Patterns!  How cool is that?  I plan to line my skirt, and may try to make this technique work to attach the lining, skirt, and zipper all in one scary step.

Here is the skirt I am working on:


Anonymous said...

I stopped sewing by the time of invisible zippers BUT the old fashioned kind was scary enough!

I absolutely love the skirt! That will be beautiful.

Enjoy your day.

suzitee said...

Love your skirt pattern. Would love to start sewing my own clothes again :)

Sewplicity said...

I don't know if you installed your zipper yet, but if you didn't you need to check out Cynthia's tutorial on it...once I started using this technique I never looked back. Perfect every time!

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