Thursday, December 1, 2011

Clean Read

I read a lot. A LOT.  I like mysteries and histories and mysteries set in history; sometimes I like some just regular fiction, seldom just regular romance.  Some Christian fiction I like; some is just a little too sweet for my taste.

When you read a lot of fiction, you wade through a lot of language (the kind I don't use) and activities (the kind I don't do).  -- And that's just the good guys!

Sometimes it is refreshing to just read something I can trust to not assault my brain with garbage surrounding a perfectly good story.  One of our local libraries (the one a county away where my husband works) puts these little "Clean Read" markers on books that do not include yucky stuff.  I have not checked what their criteria is. ( I just read a murder mystery that contained no bad language - is it a 'clean read"?  After all, there is violence and murder. ..) But I appreciate their taking the time to identify what is not in this book. 


Anonymous said...

What a great service! I read good, clean mysteries to my mom for years. I still enjoy them but it is often hard to find something that is not too sweet!!!!!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Love it. I was just wishing they had a rating system for books like they do movies. I picked up a book from the library a while ago and couldn't get past the 3rd page. It was awful. I thought, "This should be rated over R!"

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