Saturday, September 12, 2009

fruit in season

A decade ago I was a barren woman -- married a decade and a half, approaching my forties, no medical explanation for our inability to have a child, and each time we began to approach adoption,  we saw God close the door - not slamming it and saying "forever no," but always, "not yet."

But then, nine years ago, God did something marvelous in our life.  He opened my womb to give us my favorite little girl in the whole world.  And now she is nine years old, a blessing every day.
Earthgirl on her ninth birthday, earlier this week
Promise one: you will yield fruit in season. The phrase "in season" is always determined by its context; for example, an orange tree doesn't begin to produce edible fruit for about three to four years. In other words, when the right amount of time has passed to to accomplish the pre-determined purpose then fruitfulness comes. There is a right season for fruitfulness and often we are guilty of accepting the world's timetable instead of waiting on the Lord's "season."
 From Concerning this Salvation, a new blog by my friend, Kat

We are thrilling to this season of fruit. 


Anonymous said...

She is adorable and certainly a blessing from Heaven. I wish her a belated Happy 9th Birthday!

crispy said...

She is a blessing from God and we love her too. Happy Birthday from Tally and Tissy.

I am so glad God blessed you in this way.

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