Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Day of school and Homeschool Hooky!

Our local public schools got back in the swing of things Monday.  We follow the public school schedule, more or less.  In the past it has worked out well to be off when they are off - play days! - and on when they are on.  But on the first day of school, we play hooky! 

 We have friends who like playing hooky, too.

Why do we play hooky?  Just because we can!

So Tuesday was our first real day of school. 

During our breaks, we often take time to pet our mascot.


Anonymous said...

I love the mascot, extremely fierce.

Anonymous said...

We played Hooky too!

Looking forward to another great year with you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you - did you get to see a movie?

Love the pictures for the new school year. What a fantastic mascot!

K-Sue said...

No movie - just a little play day with friends.

Val said...

Your young Earth Girl is so pretty :0) First back at school sounds very good when it is homeschool. I worked in State school for 18 years, first back wasn't so good then!
I am sure that in all that you do be it learning or Hooky - you will be inspired and have fun together.
Happy days!
Val xx Oxfordshire

K-Sue said...

Thank you, Val!

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