Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Read the directions

A couple of weeks ago while we were in Orlando, we visited IKEA.  Earthgirl and I had fun roaming among the IKEA-designed showrooms upstairs, and then grabbing office and kitchen goodies downstairs.  We never have really spent as long as we want in IKEA.  We've been twice to the store in Atlanta and twice to the one here in central Florida, but always there is a schedule to keep.  It's probably just as well - I'd probably try to redo the whole house if I had more time.

We picked up 3-slot document organizers; one in steel for me, and one painted white for her.  It seemed like a good tool project for her, so we grabbed screwdrivers and sat in the middle of the floor reading directions.  I use the term, "reading" lightly, because the directions were all pictures.  They made me think of Science Geek's recent post.  I wonder if she can interpret this one?

This was such a simple project - 6 screws, screw them part-way in, then come back when all are in place and tighten. Great practice.

Here are the finished products. 


Debbie @ said...

Hi, this is funny. I think we can all relate to these kind of directions. And yet...they can still be frustrating! My husband won't even look at directions...he just hands them to which I just groan! hahaha...
Have a blessed day and thanks for your visit to me!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Yes, even I can figure out those illustrations!

I've never been to an IKEA. If shopping there is so wonderful, maybe it's a good thing I've stayed away!

Anonymous said...

Love your new organizers! I've never been to Ikea but my brother and his kids LOVE the place. I probably should stay away!

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