Monday, September 27, 2010

Picnik, and borrowing reading glasses.

I spent a lot of time last week at, the photo-editing site I love to visit.  It takes time for me, because I have so overloaded this poor old computer, that it must stop and take a breather now and then.

At Mini-co-op (still in search of a better name)  last week, Mom Keisuzi thought I had hand-painted my reading glasses.  She thought I looked like a real art teacher. 

Nope, they came this way from Dollar Tree.  I own about $8-worth of reading glasses, most of them plain.  I used to own some with flowers painted on them (also from Dollar tree), and one day my favorite Sunday School teacher (the one I married) arrived at Sunday School with no reading glasses and no large-print Bible.  He borrowed mine, much to the merriment of the class.

I worked 3 tax seasons at H&R Block, evenings, part time.  (loved it!)  It was not unusual for a customer to go through their whole tax return input with me, then at the end be unable to read their copy - "forgot my glasses" - so I have lent my little skinny metal-frame pair to maybe 1-2 dozen customers.  Ya' gotta see what you're signing, on penalty of law and all that, ya' know.

 I really like Picnik's 'blemish-fix' feature - you can't even see that I have healed-but-not-gone-yet fever blister right above my lip, can you?Just a little necessary improvement, or I won't post a picture.


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

That's so funny! I go around with readers stuck on top of my head all the time! Yesterday I took my Mama for her physical - necessary before she can have cataract surgery on both eyes. We were talking and she said how the Opthalmologist said she wouldn't even need glasses except for reading after the surgery. I laughed and said "So you'll be running around with reading glasses on top of your head like me"! She looked at me like she was appalled and said "Well, no, I don't think so"! We shall see, shan't we?!!!

K-Sue said...

Yes, we shall see! I'm beginning to see the advantage of those necklace-type glasses holders, where you just take the glasses off and they dangle around your neck.

Amy said...

I like picnik, too. Love your reading glasses.

Anonymous said...

I really like your reading glasses too, though I forgot to mention it! Would have loved to have seen Pluto Boy in your flowered glasses!

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