Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recreating history

I am awash in a sea of brown fleece today, making a cape for a Spanish serving girl.

Our young friend goes to St. Augustine to take part in recreating history.  I'm embarrassed to admit that though we live less than 2 hours away from this historical city, we have yet to really do a history fieldtrip to St. Augustine.  

She'll have the cape at bottom right, but calf-length.

Our friend goes to St. Augustine every year to carry a lantern and be a part of history.  Her brother, a re-enactor since age 6, even gets to fire a musket! Since I did a little dress-up-and-play-history when I was young, I think it is really cool.  Because of the time I spent being an 1850's girl, I feel very confident about that period of history in south Georgia, at least, the everyday history of the doctor, the lady who spun cotton and wove it, the quilter, the potter, the syrup-maker, the shoemaker - I spent time in all their houses, showing them to visitors.  From age 9 until I was grown, I always had a long 1850's dress or skirt. 

We lit real candles on the tree in this stagecoach inn at Christmastime.  Over the years, we drank wassail, hung the greens, ate the yulelog cake (I never was the one who found the good luck pea), and in spring, danced around the Maypole.  I did not chase the greased pig on July 4th, though. 

Thinking about what I learned through my involvement there and how it enriched my life makes me wonder where and how I can help my daughter have some of this kind of experience. 

I hope to post a picture of the Spanish serving girl (a well-dressed serving girl), and maybe her brother the soldier in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

You're so awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this post.
I would love to have had the experiences you had as a young lady. After my visit to Barrington Hall yesterday, I told John I thought it would be fun to volunteer there one day.
Please share some photos soon. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

KaHolly said...

Oh, what fun! I have some friends in Massachusets that are into recreating history an they have a blast as a family of many. Curious as to your name, K-sue. I'm a K Sue, too. My first name is Karen.

K-Sue said...

KaHolly - mine is a nickname from college days - I am neither K nor Sue. I guess now I know who is the earlier K-Sue when I go register an email address and they say, That name is already taken."

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