Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Few Sounds Heard 'Round Our Household Recently

* Plock *
The sound of a full bottle of olive oil shattering on the kitchen floor
* Whooeet! Whooeet! * 
The sound of me whistling to call the kittycat. 
* Whooeet! Whooeet! * 
The sound of a mockingbird...um...calling the kittycat?  Lucky for the mockingbird, the kitty has learned to ignore us both.  A mockingbird in our yard once learned to mock our phone ringing.  Very entertaining.
* Thoomp!  Thoomp! Thoomp! *
The sound of a little gymnast practicing round-offs
* Thoomp! Thoomp! Thoomp! *
The sound of a little gymnast practicing back walk-overs - they are quieter than round-offs

This picture has no relation to the post above it, but I am just so happy to have rediscovered my camera, tucked into my crochet bag during Gymnastics camp, and wanted to show off what's left of my first 2 batches of bluberry jam.


Anonymous said...

John and I were buying sugar free jam at the store and I told him of your blueberry jam today!

That is cute about the mockingbird!

Love to you all, Mildred

Anonymous said...

Hey, can we find another picture for "Mama and Daddy?"

K-Sue said...

PB, that is the "other picture."

I'll see what I can do, but it ain't been purty since we hit the fifties :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Blueberry jam sounds delicious! Nothing beats homemade jam.

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