Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitty Ripple

I learned to crochet a ripple using the Neat Ripple pattern from Lucy at Attic 24.  I LOVE rippling!!!  I love Lucy's blog - so full of color!  She NEVER crochets in neutrals - it's all bright, happy, exuberant color.  And yet the effect is serene. 

This is the second ripple project I've done, a bright afghan for Earthgirl's room.  No, it does not belong to the kitty. 

Next up, I think I'll try out this even more ripply  Ripples of Happiness pattern.


Daisy said...

Are you sure it doesn't belong to the kitty? Because it sure looks to me like the kitty has claimed it! haha! :D
It's beautiful! You've done a wonderful job with it.

Anonymous said...

I think you might as well make another one for Earth Girl!

It really is bright and beautiful!

Becky Garrison said...

Well, you've gone and done it now! It's 9:30 on Saturday night and I've just had to go pull out my crocheting stuff and am now on my 2nd row of my practice piece. And I won't stop until I'm sure I've got it, so who knows what time I'll be asleep!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for linking to Lucy's blog ... I've wanted to learn that stitch forever, and she really does make it easy! I don't know much about crocheting, but what I do know is probably 85 - 90% self taught, so it has to be easy for me to follow. Thanks so much! Now, back to my practice!

Oh, and the only yarn I have is 100% cotton 'dish cloth' yarn, so I'm thinking ripple dish cloths should work great ... how about you? :o) Becky

K-Sue said...

Becky, YAY! The 100% cotton yarn (like Lily Sugar and Cream) is great for learning a new stitch - it's easier to see your stitches, and the extra friction makes it stay in place for you. But take your Michael's or Joann's or Hobbyy Lobby coupon soon and get some bright, soft yarn - it's a great winter project!

Just remember that UK and USA uses different terminology - I think Lucy explains, UK treble = USA double crochet.

LDH said...

Hello K-Sue!

So nice stopping by to visit with you! I love all of the crochet projects you have posted! This afghan is lovely in design and the colors! Lucy's blog is certainly full of color and it is always fun to see what she is working on.

You have a sweet place here too. So nice to meet you!

Kindly, Lorraine

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I love Lucy! Your afghan is gorgeous!

Karen said...

I love the bright colors you chose!

val Allen said...

Hi K-Sue, I love your ripple :0) - I had a bumper parcel of Lucy's colours bought for my Christmas present, from a son who knows me! I couldn't decide whether to do ripple or granny stripe .... in the end I chose Granny, but there is enough wool left to start the ripple when the Granny TaDah moment arrives :0)
My Bella Bag's Blog is closing down soon so please add my new Blogland address
I hope to see you there!
Have a lovely week,
Val XX Berkshire UK

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