Thursday, April 2, 2009

April is National Poetry Month

GottaBook: Announcing 30 Poets/30 Days!

April is National Poetry Month. This month, Gregory K. over at Gottabook is presenting us with 30 new poems for children, many by poets we enjoy, including:

Arnold Adoff, Jaime Adoff, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Douglas Florian, Betsy Franco, Kristine O'Connell George, Charles Ghigna, Nikki Giovanni, Joan Bransfield Graham, Nikki Grimes, Avis Harley, Mary Ann Hoberman, Lee Bennett Hopkins, X. J. Kennedy, Bruce Lansky, Julie Larios, J. Patrick Lewis, Pat Mora, Kenn Nesbitt, Linda Sue Park, Ann Whitford Paul, Gregory K. Pincus, Jack Prelutsky, Adam Rex, Jon Scieszka, Joyce Sidman, Marilyn Singer, April Halprin Wayland, Janet Wong, and Jane Yolen. Credit where credit is due: Yes, I copied this list directly off his post of March 23.

I loved today's poem, "Midnight Stray", by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. "...who wore a grayish tattered ear--" What an evocative line. Earthgirl and I are going to check in with them daily this month.

So -- in honor of National Poetry month, when even the non-talented are encouraged to write poems, I present a little Haiku.

Tea Olive struggles
He sleeps and purs in my mulch
See? My potted cat


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Don't you just LOVE how tea olives smell? We have a row of them along the walkway entering the house and it makes a delightful corridor of fragrance. The boys and I find it strange that Joel can not smell tea olives! Try as he may, he just can't smell them-his brain just can't recognize a scent. On the other hand, he can smell a single molecule of garlic from a mile away. He can always tell if I've eaten garlic.

But I digress....Great haiku!

K-Sue said...

Poor Joel...I love the smell, too, and right now we walk through a cloud of fragrance to get to the front door.

Gregory K. said...

Thanks for the link! And consider yourself encouraged to write poetry all year round, not just in April!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your potted cat is soooo cute! Enjoyed your haiku! Great job. laurie

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