Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Brake for Spring Break

It's Spring Break in our county. Homeschoolers can make their own Spring Break, but I have found it just works best for our family to break along with the school system. Earthgirl and I took off for Sea World Monday, and found it really crowded. We saw the Dolphin Show, fed a few dolphins, laughed at Clyde and Seamore, and left after 3 hours. We'll take advantage of our annual passes on a less-busy day.

Yesterday Earthgirl got to play and swim with friends (no picture), and today we had sisters over. They have played all day.

We did an art project from one of my favorite sites. After we finished, I looked back at the project and realized it was tagged for 4th and 5th graders. As I said in my comment there, the older 3rd-grader really caught on. The younger 3rd-grader (Earthgirl) was frustrated with the tracing. The first grader wandered off to play Barbies while her sister finished her coloring.

But still they loved the project.

But mostly they loved being together.


Anonymous said...

Ordinarily we'd take off this week too for Spring Break, but since we recently took off time to go to Hollywood, to prepare for Jackson's party, and then for Jackson's stomach flu...I didn't feel I could take off any more time.

I assumed that the kids in the neighborhood would be off this week, so I told the boys that if they got their school done quickly in the morning, they could play all afternoon. However, we learned that many of the kids here are part of a different county school system and aren't on break. Their favorite kid to play with is with his dad all week. SO the kids were a little bummed about it.

What we've ended up doing I really like, and plan to do again for other breaks (winter break, summer break, spring break). We put the "formal" learning aside and worked on some unit studies. We're continuing our bacteria unit with some books and videos from the library along with studying the plague in history. We also started a unit on earth science, learning about the Earth's composition, the tectonic plates, volcanoes, etc. We'll try to finish our lapbooks on both topics tomorrow.

So, it's been a light school week, but I feel good about it b/c we were able to delve into subjects I don't feel we spend a lot of time on during the year.

K-Sue said...

Speaking of bacteria, thanks to Geeks, Jr., we have quite a number of colonies growing in our laundry room - aside from the ones that maybe live there anyway. I fear the lids might pop right off the petri dishes!

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and taped up, then threw away our petri dishes at the end of last week. The results were clear: there were a ton of dark greenish-black colonies from the bottom of JD's shoe, and fewer white and PINK colonies from the toilet seat. The only explanation for the results is that I had wiped down the toilet seats with disinfectant wipes prior to the group meeting. But it was a good way to show that there are bacteria EVERYWHERE. But keep in mind: not all bacteria can make us sick!

crispy said...

Looks like a fun break from traditional learning. I thought that art project looked neat, but didn't try it.

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