Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Math Fun

Earthgirl and I finished up our math curriculum, Math-U-See Gamma, and just ordered the next one, Delta. We love this math curriculum. As I was looking up the Math-U-See website, I ran across a fun site I had bookmarked awhile back.

Classic Math Mistakes had Pluto Boy and me laughing snorty gee- laughs. Yes, at one time or another we have made most of those mistakes. This morning, Earthgirl looked with me at the posters, and recognized some of the mistakes. She knew, for example, that 3.1 hours is not 3 hours and 10 mintutes, and we talked through how long 3.1 hours actually is (Do you know?). She also loved "1 X 1 = 2" and "7 x 0 = 0." She just made that last mistake twice on one page, much to her chagrin. Of course, the algebra is still mostly above her. Back in college, my Strengths of Materials prof used me as a humorous example, because I had done a complicated problem correctly, except that I missed the answer because I said that 3 X 2 = 5. (It was OK; he ragged everybody over their mistakes, so there was no offense, or maybe equal offense?) Well, it's a good thing I am not designing bridges.

Under the tabs at top, take a look at Freebies, and then "The REAL Maths problems posters." More snorty geek-laughs. What a fun teacher Mr. Hopley must be.

Isn't it interesting that we say "Math" and in UK they say "Maths?" Just yesterday, Earthgirl pointed out in her reader that the text referenced "a woods." We more often say, "the woods," or maybe "a wood," or "a wooded area."


ScienceGeek said...

Maybe I'm extra slow today, but what is wrong with

7 x 0 = 0?

K-Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K-Sue said...

What's wrong with it? I can't type; that's what. The Math Mistake should read "7 x 0 = 7."

As you can see, I had to remove my earlier response - I had another typo, caught by Pluto Boy.

Thank you SG.

Anonymous said...

She's the smartest earth girl I know. ~pb~

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