Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun School

Earthgirl loves art. I find some of the best ideas for art from real live art teachers like Patty at Deep Space Sparkle and Kathy at Art Projects for Kids. The latter is where this kimono project originated. Like most homeschool mamas, I am reveling in the education I am getting.

Today we went to a wonderful presentation called Wilderness Tabernacle. We ran into my friend Science Geek there, along with the unpredictable J.D. and the effervescent Jax. (I love unpredictability and effervescence.) Her post shares all the important stuff better than I can, except for the rain delay. See the dark clouds? This post was after the rain.

Just to keep it real, I confess that we did not have a deep spiritual conversation on the way home, as they did. Our group (2 Moms, one of whom had to go to work, and 3 children, one of whom had the sniffles) conversed all the way on whether we should run by Chick Fil A or Sonic.


ScienceGeek said...

My computer is having issues this morning and I'll likely have to restart it, so I figured I'd go ahead and try posting again!

I'm glad we got to experience this field trip together. I'm looking forward to us all doing more as a group. (Like Art Geeks....?) I promise I won't judge your housekeeping! You should try doing a "pop-in" over here sometime. I've deceived you if you think I'm a neat freak.

You'll have to explain to me sometime how you embed a link in your post without showing the web address (like above, when you typed "her post")

K-Sue said...

What a brave lady to put your computer on the road to a crash. How'd it do? I'm trying out new antivirus software, so mine is a bit uncertain, too.

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