Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

View from hotel balcony, 6:40 Saturday morning.

View from near my beach umbrella, a few hours later.

During those 15 barren years before God opened my womb and gave us Earthgirl, we tried to make it a habit to take a trip on or including Mother's Day. It was so much easier to go somewhere, and then by the time we arrived home Sunday evening, Mother's day was all done. We have tried to maintain the tradition, and I love it. We have missed the last 2 years, but this year we went to Daytona Beach for the whole weekend.

I want to go to the beach more often this summer - and by summer, I mean right up to November. What do you want to do often this summer?


Anonymous said...

Awesome trip, K-Sue. I'm glad you had fun.

I haven't thought about what I'd like to do more often this summer. I know I want to spend more time having fun with my kids (swimming, field trips, playing, etc.)- get out of "teacher mode". There are always projects to be done around the house that I put off until summer (painting, culling, organizing).

crispy said...

Looks like fun. As for Mothers Day...for years it was the hardest day for me. I love the idea of being away for the day and doing something different.

You are blessed with your special little girl. And you are a wonderful Mom.

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