Friday, October 16, 2009

Curious Learner

In a previous post, I referred to myself as a curious learner, and spoke of the abundance of information available on the internet.  It's really more than one person can absorb.  Just think - there are books and videobooks free for the listening and reading - not that I don't have a stack of books already checked out from that other free cornucopia of information and entertainment, our local library.  

I could spend (waste?) days on end at sites like Good Book Bytes and Librivox.  Days.  While dishes and dirty clothes and unpaid bills pile up around me. Just looking up a quick scripture reference at Bible Gateway can  toss my schedule for a loop (though maybe getting lost in Bible passages is not such a bad thing...)  Looking up a book review at Amazon (do I really need to put a link for that?) leads to more reviews and there goes the morning. 

And then there are the sewing and craft sites and blogs - sites like Creative Chicks and Maya Made.  And if I check out one pretty thing at One Pretty Thing, I'll be lost for the day.

In spite of all the above, I wonder what websites pull you in?  Where do you lose track of time?


Kristen said...

I too find the knowledge base on the internet overwhelming at times. It is truly AMAZING. If I had to choose two blogs that I feel are terrific they would be... and The first because Randi always has great tutorials that she shares so willingly, and the second because Kimmie and her family are a complete inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

This is an area in which I've struggled, and I'm trying to be better. It's why I dropped off of Facebook. It's too easy for me to lose track of time on the internet when there's something else I should be doing.

That said, I find I get most lost in the web when I'm researching a science topic for mini co-op. A quick search can bring up so many different links and I find I want to exhaust them all. Who knows what awesome activity or printable may be in the next link!?!

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