Monday, October 12, 2009

Yummy Beginnings, and a sad ending

Though it still feels like summer outside (inside, too, if the AC wasn't running for all it's worth,) but it can smell like fall!  Saturday I made Crock Pot Apple Butter using this recipe from Southern Plate.  It is easy, spicy, yummy, and smells heavenly.  I made a half-recipe, which yielded 3 pints (well, maybe 3 1/2 before taste testing.)

--and now for the sad ending--
After I looked at this picture on screen, I decided to take another shot at a better angle.  When I picked up the jar and my camera, I dropped the jar and broke it, spilling out all that spicy yumminess onto the hard floor, the carpet, and up against the refrigerator.  Ah, well, that leaves me one partial jar (my third jar went to friends).  I guess I'll need to fire up that crock pot again soon! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, all that hard work. I'm sorry about that. I bet your home smelled lovely. I'm almost ashamed to say that I have never owned a crockpot! Maybe that will be on my Christmas list. Hope your week is a good one. Let us know if you make some more apple butter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry K-Sue!

We're big Apple Butter fans over here.

crispy said...

Yum. It looks delicious. I love homemade goodies.

Georgian said... if I didn't appreciate being the recipient of one of your jars of DELICIOUS Apple Butter, already! NOW, I am even MORE grateful to you for bringing us your last full jar. It really is wonderful & it was so very sweet & generous of you to share.

K-Sue said...

Actually, Georgian friend, you received the first of the next batch. There will be more, too - I am becoming addicted to the spicy scent the fill my home. Last week our house guest said, "It always smells so GOOD in here!" Well, when apple butter is makin', it smells mighty good.

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