Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I continue to be amazed at the free goodies that are out there in www-land. I am all about "free."  The monthly price of my DSL is well worth it to me as a homeschooling mama, a crafter, a curious learner, a communicator. (That said, I am going to check out less expensive high speed internet options - recently my cell phone provider, which also is my home phone and DSL provider, ceased cell service, so the package is not as attractive.  Everything is up for grabs - any good ideas?)

Scrapbook Presentations  has free Fall/Autumn scrapbook downloads, and a lot of other cool downloads, too. These embellishments can be used in Powerpoint presentations, digital scrapbooks, and on...blog entries!  I learned about these from Molly at Econobusters,  in her weekly email newsletter. She always has great resources.  

These may be old hat to some of you.  You may be thinking, "Yawn, she's going into the embellishments mode.  Tune in in about a month after she cools down."  You are probably right.  I may be embellishing all over the next few entries. Whee!


crispy said...

I love all the fun stuff you find for free online. You have always inspired me.

K-Sue said...

Crispy, I love it when you say I inspire you. You inspire me!

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