Sunday, January 3, 2010

After Christmas

Last night we arrived back from a big road trip.  We had a ball!  We saw friends, family, snow, mountains, ballerinas, football fans...

We got to visit the Peapod for a day or 2.

Then it was off to snowy Indiana to visit family.

There was sledding, ice skating, a snowman, and the Nutcracker.

I'm not sure I'll say, "Whoopee! Let's go!" the next time my SIL says,
"We're going on a snow hike!"
Actually, I LOVED it!

And now we are home, and all the Christmas decorations are still up.  They are still up on my blog, too.  Like many others, though, I am full of organizing plans!    I hope a few of them will make it out of my head and into my environment.

The internet overflows with great organizing help.  I could read about organizing all day  (reading and not doing is one of my downfalls).   Debbie, over at Ribbonwood Cottage has gathered several great links for first of the year organizing.  Check it out. I hope to put some of my knowledge into practice...tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a treat to get to play in the snow. I notice all your beautiful crocheted scarves too! Wishing you all the best in 2010!

randi said...

reading and not doing---hey! i do that too! :)

have fun with your organizing. it does feel so good to straighten everything up, doesn't it?

crispy said...

SOOOOOO glad you came for a visit. We had a great time. And the scarves are a HIT. We all love them.

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