Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's snowing in central Florida!

My garage roof, which is dark gray, this  morning is smattered with snow

{Side note:  My spell check thinks "smattered" is not a word.  "Smattering" is OK, but not "smattered."  Obviously, Mr. Spell Check has never been to Waffle House.} {Whoops!  Pluto Boy informs me that Waffle House uses "Scattered, smothered, and covered."  I guess it has been too long since my last visit to Waffle House, where I usually eat a waffle, not a hash brown contraption anyway. I still think "smattered" should be a word, and I am leaving it in.}

(Wandering mind side thought:  If I were to ever be clever enough to write a book like The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel, I could have a character named Mr. Spelchek.  Ha! Mr. Spell Check did not like my typing that one!)


Anonymous said...

That is crazy! Seems like we are all in for an unusual weekend. Take care and enjoy!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Love it! Mr. Spelchek!

We had @ 1 1/2 inches of snow night before last and it's stll here today! My Grandmother always said if a snow stayed on the ground 3 days it was waiting for another one! We shall see!

Enjoy your snow! Becky

Anonymous said...

Will post our adventures in the snow later today.

crispy said...

I can't believe you guys got snow. We had it here on the ground for a few days. It was so fun.

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