Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heart in Haiti

 Update:  Word has come that all the children and workers at World Harvest Mission are OK.  The orphanage is damaged, and they are all staying outdoors for safety from aftershocks, but we are thanking God that these children are OK.  We are still praying for a dear lady and the 8 orphans she cares for in Port Au Prince, who are not yet accounted for. 

Today I look like an all-American Homeschool Mom - this morning I turned up the heat in my comfortable house, poured a cup of coffee, grabbed the milk from my working electric refrigerator, took a warm shower, checked email, looked over my daughter's shoulder as she did schoolwork, threw in a load of laundry -- all the regular everyday things we take for granted.

But all day long my heart has been in Haiti, with the children who now own these sports jerseys, with the orphans at the orphanages our church has supported, with the families who live there helping the children.  Pray with me as they dig out from under the rubble left by the earthquake and its aftershocks.

Oh, Lord, please bless and keep those children at our orphanages, please bless and keep the children who now wear those jerseys we sent.  Please cause these things to work together for good to those who love You; to those who are called according to your purpose.

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Anonymous said...

This last devastating earthquake has also been on my mind and heart. I think of the kids we are sponsoring and the workers that serve them and I wonder if they're all alright.

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