Thursday, July 16, 2009


Just a couple of weeks ago, an old friend reconnected with me via Facebook. We were 5th graders together, the only school year we shared, then we were penpals for several more years before we just sort of drifted into no letters. I am tickled to be back in touch, and we have had a lively week (before we both went on vacation) of messages back and forth, admiring pictures, comparing notes, just catching up.

Here we are as 5th-graders

In the course of this big-time correspondence with a fellow SW Georgia girl, I find myself greeting friends with a, "Hey!" In the portion of south Georgia I call home, "Hey" is more often heard than "Hi, " "Hello," or "Whazzup?" It's not a "Hey YOU!"; it's a hello. After a week with my wonderful Georgia-girl sis-in-law, the Southernism is compounded. So don't be surprised if you say Hi and I say Hey.

And to those who might tease, "Hay is for horses," I say "Nay," Hey is not hay, as neigh is not nay.


Mildred said...

How neat to reconnect after all these years. With my southern accent, it is pronounced, "haa aay" with 2 syllables! ha ha

K-Sue said...

From my friend, via FB:
"Hey, Hey, Hey! I LOVE it~~~THANKS for including me in your blog. I've enjoyed
reading your blog before but now I feel a "part" of it! You're gifted with a
unique way of saying things & I enjoy it.
Thanks for such a sweet "tribute" to our long standing friendship.
By-the-way, here's a trivis question for you, through the years everytime I've heard the
name, Art Linkletter, I've thought of you. Do you know why???"
From K-Sue- I have no idea!

Tim and Susan said...

Face book IS fun for reconnecting with old friends. I am on face book, but don't really DO facebook. It find it too much a time sucker!!

K-Sue said...

So true, Susan.

Prairie Chick said...

brilliant word play there. we say "Hey" up here too. Alot. "Hey, how's it goin?" Very Canadian, eh?

K-Sue said...

PC - must be Southern Canada...

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