Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Real LIVING Room

The house where I grew up had no playroom - well, no official playroom. What we had was an unfurnished formal living room. By the time I finished high school, it had grown into a pretty much furnished room, but during those earlier years it was a Very Useful Room (sound like a Winnie the Pooh description?)

Our living room held an old upright player piano (missing the player mechanism), a sewing machine, an ironing board, sometimes a quilting frame, a chaise lounge, and, often, a Hot Wheels track set. My brother had a pretty good set of cars and lots of tracks and accessories, and we both enjoyed them. I was reminded of this when I read Crispy's post about the $1 track set. (What a deal!)

The question arises in my mind; if the living room had been furnished, where would the Hot Wheels have run? Where would we have sewn? The answer, of course, is in the corners of the bedrooms. And we would have had to put away the tracks more often. -just wouldn't have been the same.

I wonder whatever happened to that chaise lounge? Today we would call this "eclectic" decor.


Anonymous said...

What great memories. Your living room looks and sounds like the one where I grew up. Most all of my friends parents' had empty living rooms and that's where we played and had spend the night parties.

crispy said...

Love the old pictures. And the memories that go with them.

Anonymous said...
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