Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do I really miss?

Today I left my purse-and-phone at home, so I have opportunity to ponder what I really miss.

I am babysitting today (well, childcare - he's not a baby anymore), and have just been paid, so I have some cash in hand. As long as I don't drive erratically or have an accident caused by someone else driving erratically, I don't anticipate needing identification. There is a Kleenex box in the car. The other little thingies stuffed in my small purse (I am a small -purse woman) are mostly just-in-case things.So what is it that I say, "oh, no - a whole day without..."?

The answer: Cellphone and Chapstick. Those seem to be my basics.


Tim and Susan said...

Funny how we cart that bag-purse around, but we don't really need it all. But it's always when I don't have that I need SOMETHING! Love the pretty pictures of your vacation!


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

You are so funny! I like traveling light most of the time, too. I have a large fabric purse that holds everything, but I prefer just taking my wallet and cell phone. If we're traveling I usually use a fanny pack. You can't sightsee with a heavy bag on your shoulder! B.

crispy said...

My friend Karen did a post on what is in her purse. I thought it was a great post. I have been meaning to do the same.

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