Monday, July 27, 2009

Graph Paper and Chuck Close-style Art.

Here is Earthgirl's Chuck Close style portrait of her cousin. This snapshot (see post just previous to this) is perfect for the project.

I used a Graph Paper Generator to make 1/2-inch squares paper.

I've used this website before, but today I also grabbed some axonomic, circular, and hexagonal versions for future graphic projects. I LOVE graph paper! We always needed 2 or 3 different types available for some of our engineering classes. Even now, I have my very own graph paper pad tucked away in my stationery desk.

I used to get stationery and stationary spellings mixed up. I guess as long as your stationery desk stays still, it can be a stationary stationery desk.

1 comment:

crispy said...

Cool. We have never done a graph paper project. It turned out great.

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