Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun Saturday

Loading up with my sis-in-law,

Stopping to chat with my (now retired) 3rd grade teacher and (not at all retired) gardener extraordinaire,

Eating a hotdog outside, (and discovering the ladies room in this establishment is decorated in "Elvis"),

Plant sale,

Home decor store, Lowe's, Sear's,

Baskin and Robbins,

Another nursery for blue ajeratum and a hanging basket full of bright pink,

An errand or 2,

Pick up Krispie Kremes to take home, 

A visit with a friend in hospital - and seeing that she is doing much better (PTL!),

Stopping back by to pick up the lantanas left for us by gardener extraordinaire,

Cajun food with family,

Doughnuts for dessert,

Sigh...a really good Saturday.

Pretty good haul.  See the Krispie Kreme bag hanging on the left?

Wait - who's that riding along?

It's Abby.  She is such a good companion.

"Is it time for ice cream now?" 

1 comment:

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What you sure packed a lot into your day! Those lantanas are so pretty.

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