Monday, May 10, 2010

Trying things on

Last week's visit to the nice home decor store (one of my SIL and Mama's favorites) held an extra bonus for me - their clearance table had remnants of some lovely fabric that cost almost nothing.  Ummm hmmm, that is yummy to me.

When I have a piece of fabric bought without a particular project in mind, I have to try it on a few places.  Do you try things on?

This brown print, uneven raw edges and all, was our tablecloth for 2 meals.

This scrap with tropical print, along with this small length of fringe, may find themselves in a pillow, maybe 10" x 22" with fringe on the ends?

And this is my favorite - a soft green/ gray-blue/ cream piece that may work well as a runner on my buffet.  When the Sm'Arties came over, there it was, selvedges hanging out shamelessly.  The flora and fauna are very Florida-looking, don't you think?

See the ferns and butterfly?

How about this shy lizard?

Can you spot the grasshopper?


Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Hi K! That piece on the buffet looks like it just belongs there! I have a serious addiction to fabric. I can't go through a fabric store without looking at the remnants bin - you can find amazing bits and pieces in the remnants, and they are CHEAP! :o) B.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a good idea to find the perfect place for your fabrics! I love to audition fabrics I am using for quilting - never thought to do it for homewares too.

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