Monday, June 22, 2009

--and now back to your regularly scheduled blog--

One of my favorite places to visit, Art Projects for Kids has put Earthgirl's Kimono Art on her sidebar! We are just tickled! I love Kathy's projects. We have done several, and plan to do more.

Oh, and regarding that title above, after these awe-filled days of prayer, waiting for news, and then the round-the-globe celebration with family, friends, and strangers, I don't feel like I'll be back to regularly scheduled anything for awhile. We rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, with thanksgiving to God for His care of our nephew. As we learn more of his ordeal, we see God's handiwork all over those days.


Anonymous said...

Earthgirl's Kimono art is really beautiful! What an honor to have that posted.
I rejoice with you at your nephew's safe return. God bless.

Anonymous said...

How awesome to have Earthgirl's artwork "published". JD was so happy a couple of weeks ago when he won an online newsletter contest and had his name "published". He won Sea Monkeys as a prize. We're enjoying watching them grow.

crispy said...

It was so neat to be part of the prayer team for your nephew. We are thrilled that all ended well.

Love the art projects. We have been busy with art this week.

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