Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Recycled Denim

Recently Samantha and Nellie (ca. 1904) decided to join Julie (ca. 1974) and recycle some denim.
That's American Girl talk.

Here is the bottom tier of a skirt that was 'way too long for Earthgirl. This tier was attached with stretch lace, which I should know to avoid. It ALWAYS gets holes. A few more wearings, and this tier may have just fallen off the skirt on its own.

{Back when Pluto Boy and I were dating, and separated by 600 miles or so, I wrote him a letter that included the phrase, "on my on." This tickled him, and he wrote me back a little encouraging note that about being on my on, and if one ever falls off one's on, one should get right back up on one's on. I have been careful writing my owns and ons ever since; nevertheless, I plan to check back over this post 4 or 5 times before publishing.}

And here are the recycled denim dolly skirts.

Having a daughter is like having a second childhood.
This post checked for proper use of owns and ons. No other grammar is under warranty.


Anonymous said...

I love the denim. How I loved my dolls growing up and I still have most of them!

crispy said...

You make me smile. Thanks for the package in the mail yesterday. What a blessing in so many ways.

I love the recycled denim. =)

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